Scientific Publications

  1. Shepley E, Berthelot M, Vasseur E. (2017). Validation of the ability of a 3D pedometer to accurately determine the number of steps taken by dairy cows when housed in tie-stalls. Agriculture. 7(7): 53. DOI: (Coming soon; abstract)
  2. Wormsbecher L, Bergeron R, Haley D, de Passillé A M, Rushen R, and Vasseur E. (2017). A method of outdoor housing dairy calves in pairs using individual calf hutchesJournal of Dairy Science. DOI:
  3. Shepley E, Bergeron R, Bécotte F, and Vasseur E. (2017). Short Communication: Dairy cow preference for outdoor exercise during winter under Eastern Canada climatic conditions. Canadian Journal of Animal Science. 97: 1-5. DOI:
  4. Bouffard V, de Passillé A M, Rushen J, Vasseur E, Nash C, Haley D, and Pellerin D. (2017). Effect of following recommendations for tiestall configuration on neck and leg lesions, lameness, cleanliness, and lying time in dairy cowsJournal of Dairy Science. 100: 2935-2943. DOI:
  5. Palacio S, Peignier L, Pachoud C, Nash C, Adam S, Bergeron R, Pellerin D, de Passillé A M, Rushen J, Haley D, DeVries T, and Vasseur E. (2017). Technical Note: Assessing lameness in tie-stalls using live stall lameness scoringJournal of Dairy Science. DOI:
  6. Vasseur E. (2017). Invited Symposium Paper: Optimizing outcome measures of welfare in dairy cattle assessment. Journal of Animal Science. 95: 1365-1371. DOI:
  7. Solano L, Barkema H, Pajor E, Mason S, LeBlanc S, Zaffino Heyerhoff J, Nash C, Haley D, Pellerin D, Rushen J, de Passillé A M, Vasseur E, and Orsel K. (2016). Associations between lying time behavior and lameness in Canadian Holstein-Friesian cows in freestall barns. Journal of Dairy Science. 99: 2086-101. DOI:
  8. Westin R, Vaughan A, de Passillé A M, DeVries T J, Pajor E A, Pellerin D, Siegford J M, Vasseur E*, and Rushen J. (2016). Lying times of lactating cows on dairy farms with automatic milking systems and the relation to lameness, leg lesions and body condition score. Journal of Dairy Science. 99: 551-561. DOI:
  9. Franco-Gendron N, Bergeron R, Curilla W, DeVries T, Conte S, and Vasseur E. (2016). Investigation of dairy cattle ease of movement on new methyl methacrylate resin aggregate floorings. Journal of Dairy Science. 99: 8231-40. DOI:
  10. Ouellet V, Vasseur E, Heuwieser W, Burfeind O, Maldague X, and Charbonneau E. (2016). Evaluation of calving indicators measured by automated devices to predict the onset of calving in Holstein dairy cows. Journal of Dairy Science. 99: 1539-48. DOI:
  11. Nash C, Kelton D, DeVries T, Vasseur E, Coe J, Heyerhoff Zaffino J C, Bouffard V, Pellerin D, Rushen J, de Passillé A M, and Haley D. (2016). Prevalence of and risk factors for hock and knee injuries on dairy cows in tiestall housing in Canada. Journal of Dairy Science. 99: 6494-6506. DOI:
  12. Westin R, Vaughan A, de Passillé A M, DeVries T J, Pajor E A, Pellerin D, Siegford J M, Witaifi A, Vasseur E, and Rushen J. (2016). Cow and farm-level risk factors for lameness on dairy farms with automated milking systems. Journal of Dairy Science. 99: 3732-3743. DOI:
  13. Villettaz Robichaud M, de Passillé A M, Pearl D L, LeBlanc S J, Godden S M, Pellerin D, Vasseur E, Rushen J, and Haley D B. (2016). Calving management practices on Canadian dairy farms: Prevalence of practices. Journal of Dairy Science. 99: 2391-2404. DOI:
  14. Shepley E, Bergeron R, and Vasseur E. (2016). Invited Paper: Daytime access to pasture vs. free-stall barn in dairy cows with year-long outdoor experience: A case study. Applied Animal Behaviour Science. DOI:
  15. Charlton G L, Bouffard V, Gibbons J, Vasseur E, Haley D B, Pellerin D, Rushen J, and de Passillé A M. (2016). Invited paper: Can automated measures of lying time help assess lameness and leg lesions on tiestall dairy farms?. Applied Animal Behaviour Science. 175: 14-22. DOI:

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